Print Specifications.

Flexo Ink Imprint 
Only for use on certain paper bags & certain lo-density plastic bags.
1.Finest line screen: 45 to 55 line screen is required for flexo ink imprint
2. Registration factor: ¼”  to 1/8” plus or minus…Long Run (3M and over) multiple color imprints may overlap up to
this amount(trap)…Short run (under 3M) must have ½” space between colors
3. Smallest font:  Positive: 9 pt. Helvetica  Negative (reversed out):16 pt. Helvetica
4. We offer 41 standard ink colors for FREE on Short Run (see chart below)…Long Run PMS color matching is at
no charge.

Foil Stamp Post Print
For use on paper bags, eurotote bags,
certain Hi-density plastic bags & certain boxes
Minimum requirement for fonts: 10 pt. and 1 point strokes/lines.
Registration factor: May vary up to ¼” in any direction.  Must have ¼” between colors (subject to production review).
Logos containing fine detail and small reverses will probably fill in when foil stamped. Consider enlarging art (subject
to production review).
We offer 18 standard foil colors for FREE. (see chart below) PMS color matching is not available for foil stamping.

Screen Print
Screen printing is used only on our non-woven
bags and certain cloth bags.
Minimum requirements for fonts: 16 pt. and 2 point strokes/lines.
Registration factor: From 1-5 color imprint you’ll get good registration. Up to ¼” traps may occur.
We offer 24 standard screen print inks for FREE. (see chart below)  PMS color matching is available, but note that certain
colors will vary on colored bags.

4 Color Process Print 

Call for details. Minimums vary per product and art requirements vary per product

Long Run Printing

Applies to quantities above 3M of the same product & print image/colors. For Flexo Ink imprint PMS color matches
will be available most times at no additional charge…call for details.  Generally we do not foil stamp in Long Run
Printing, but there may be some exceptions….call for details.

Short Run Printing

Applies to quantities less than 3M.  Have limited PMS colors available for Flexo Ink Imprint and for Foil Stamp Post
Print. If colors you are looking for are not on our charts call for availability details.


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